Rapid Gourmet

Rapid Gourmet’s founder, Andrea George, took her love of cooking and creating and well as her experience as a business instructor and trainer to manifest Rapid Gourmet into being.  Ms. George grew up in the Caribbean where many of the elders lived into their 90s and beyond.

As a matter of fact, her father lived to 101 years of age and remained in very good health for most of his life.  A big part of the culture was to eat natural foods that were fresh and locally grown.  “You are what you eat” was put into practice on a daily base.

Ms. George comes from a family of cooks and teachers and through Rapid Gourmet she has had the opportunity to create, teach and support others who want to engage in delicious and healthy eating.  Rapid Gourmet allows individuals to have fun at home or engage with others tastefully in business or social settings.   Gourmet tastings, which are regularly offered, allows you to wake up your taste buds and breathe new life into your culinary experiences.

Andrea lives east of Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to teach and train and pursue entrepreneurial projects.

Rapid Gourmet was created to fill several needs in the marketplace.  These would include:

  • Provide natural and wholesome foods
  • Provide gift baskets and gift packs
  • Provide catering and special events services
  • Provide Meal Prep
  • Provide Customized Classes
  • Plan and Cater Business and Special Events
  • Provide gourmet quality foods in a minimum amount of time
  • Highlight the healing powers of natural foods
  • Educate about the importance of healthy eating

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