Bundt•ish is a bakery in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in delicious pound cakes. The bakery is the brainchild of founder and owner Johnny Washington, who began baking bundt cakes during the pandemic and grew their business exponentially along with his wife Stacy. What makes Bundt•ish unique is its dedication to providing experiences and delivering everlasting moments with its products. Their freshly baked, never frozen, are made from scratch and are meant to be the “centerpiece for the many precious moments of your life.”

The bakery’s signature cakes include “The Church Lady Classic,” a classic pound cake topped with powdered sugar, and the “Lemon Cookie Twist,” topped with a vanilla lemon glaze and lemon cookie crumbles. Other popular flavors include peanut butter cookie crisp, chocolate cookie crunch, and “Celebration of Love.” The cakes can be ordered in various sizes, from mini bundts to full-sized cakes, making them perfect for any occasion.

Bundtish has become a favorite among locals in Atlanta thanks to its commitment to quality ingredients and delicious cakes. Whether you’re looking for a cake for a special occasion or want to treat yourself to something sweet, Bundt•ish is worth a visit.

How did you first become a part of the restaurant/food industry, and what was your first job?
Johnny has been in the restaurant industry for 28 years. He was first “bit by the bug” in 1995 by taking a management training opportunity at Checkers. The summer opportunity turned into a 3-year stint on the management team. From there, he got his bachelor’s degree, worked as a manager at Einstein Bagel, Burger King, and Popeyes, Managing Partner Nancy’s Pizza franchisee, and as Consultant, at Sysco Foods.

How did you choose your name?
Stacey developed the name bundt•ish. They realized the bundt cake was popular and our pound cake may look like a bundt cake to most. Hence, the •ish in bundt•ish…A pound cake that tastes like a pound cake and looks like a bundt cake.

How long have you been in Georgia, and what first brought you here?
We’ve been in Georgia for over 25 years…Johnny from South Carolina and Stacey from New York. Johnny came here with Einstein and Stacey’s first stint in Georgia was to attend Morris Brown College.

What are the most essential skills for a new food concept?
Strategic and critical thinking, organization, money management, great communication, and relationship management. There are many more, but this is a great place to begin.

What’s the most significant food business-related challenge you had to overcome?
Easy…Free-flowing capital! Our operational, and relational experience and the breadth of our network gave us an advantage in getting started. With that, when scaling a business, you can always need more capital.

What prompted you to start a food business?
We are a pandemic baby. Our desire for pound cake during the pandemic quarantine of 2020 and the lack thereof was the catalyst. We realized there is a need for freshly baked, never frozen pound cake.

What’s on your menu? Why did you choose this cuisine/product?
Bundtish specializes in freshly baked pound cakes from classics like The Best Lemon Pound Cake Ever™️ and Church Lady Classic™️, cookie-infused and covered pound cakes like our Chocolate Cookie Crunch and our specialty coffee called Bundtish Blend.

Are any new exciting news or events coming?
Bundtish will be adding new flavors and gluten-free. Additionally, we are looking to implement pick-up and delivery in Q4.

How can someone buy your product?
Bundtish is available via www.bundtish.com