Wholesale Food Procurement


Wholesale Food Procurement Provides Centralized Buying Power

One of the biggest challenges faced by small food businesses is finding locally sourced and bulk goods to produce their products and recipes – at a reasonable price. PREP® offers to its members centralized purchasing and distribution services for food and supplies through national and local partnerships – helping save time and money.


Take advantage of bulk prices without having to buy in bulk.


Key drop delivery to your kitchen or storage unit Monday through Friday.


National franchise negotiated pricing but for small food entrepreneurs

Extra Horsepower for Your Business

The partnership between PREP® and US Foods means you have the buying power of a $15 billion business behind you. It allows members to benefit from a nationally competitive pricing structure for food, supplies, cleaning and disposable items. The US Foods catalog contains over 15,000 listed items and access to even more non-listed products.

PREP® members utilizing US Foods benefit from the group purchasing, which eliminates order minimums, allowing members to control inventory levels and monitor expenses.

How do I sign up with US Foods and/or Royal Produce?

Once you become a PREP® member, you will receive an email from Mitch Long, our Procurement and Relationship Manager, providing contact information for our vendor partners in each local market.  As a member, you can directly reach out to those product and service providers to establish and set up an account. Our vendor partners may/will contact you as well in order to open an account. Our vendor partners are also active and present in person at our PREP® locations, so if you prefer an in person meeting, it’s simple to schedule one. The days and and times of in person visits/meetings  will vary based on market and location and availability. 

How do I place an order?

Each of our vendor partners have account manager/sales representatives that actively work with members.  Once your account is set up and established with the vendor of your choice, the sales representative/account manager will provide information for ordering via email and/or in person, including login information, cut-off times and delivery schedule. Cut-off times and delivery schedules will vary by provider and location/market. Many of the vendor partners offer text, email and/or call reminders to submit orders in a timely manner for desired delivery days/times.

How is it beneficial for me?

What’s the one thing we all need more of……TIME.
Our vendor partners deliver directly to you at PREP®…… no shopping, no driving around town and no standing in line. The vendor partners offer varying delivery schedules, but all of them offer high levels of customer service. And, if there is an issue with your order/delivery, it will be addressed quickly. Depending on your type of membership you order/delivery will either be placed directly into your dedicated kitchen and/or space or into the shared delivery areas.

Where and when will my order be delivered?

Your PREP® membership type (shared kitchen, co-working kitchen, MFSO or dedicated unit) determines how and where your order/delivery will be made. Dedicated kitchens, equipped with cooler and/or freezer spaces will have their orders from vendors such as US Foods, Royal Produce and Hardies Produce, delivered directly inside the unit and placed into the proper storage area. Groceries in dry, refrigerated items in the cooler and frozen items in the freezer. Shared and co-working members deliveries will be made in the designated shard delivery areas. Again, separated by the proper storage area. Shared delivery space is limited, so members are asked to retrieve/remove deliveries with-in 24 hours of the delivery date. Cintas, our linen vendor partner, will deliver directly to both MFSO and dedicated kitchen units.

commercial kitchen- Atlanta
commercial kitchen - Atlanta
commercial kitchen - Atlanta

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