All Types of Food Producers


We Help Power All Types of Food Makers


Catering for Corporate & Events

Kitchens designed for off-premise food consumption and ample a la carte storage for catering items.

Soul to Belly

CPG & Specialty Foods

Affordable, permit-ready commercial food manufacturing space for wholesale & retail channels.

food truck vendors

Food Trucks & Food Trailers

Central preparation facility for licensing, parking, grey water dump, and dry/cold/freezer ingredient storage.

restaurant kitchens

Regional & National Restaurants

Central commissary kitchens for food prep, offsite catering operations, delivery-only expansion kitchens.

Baking Kitchen

Baking for Wholesale & Retail

Ample space & specialized baking equipment to increase your production yield, quality & consistency.

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meal Services

Hyper-efficient food production areas for high-volume processing, packaging and shipment.

ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens and off-premise food production make delivery more affordable for any size operator.

movie sets

Movie Set Catering

As the film production business grows in the South, so does opportunity for catering on sets.


Happy members.

"The people here are like one big community and family! Everyone helps each other out when they can and the advice is priceless for someone like me just starting out. Being able to set up business development meetings with Doug has been such a big help. Being able to attend events with other business owners is just such a huge help mentally. It keeps me motivated and focused on our goals. I just love the team here so much! ️PREP® has been an all around great first step to get us up and running. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get started without having to build out a facility!"

soul to belly

Victoria Rossi, Soul to Belly

"As a small business owner this place is a blessing! Actually affordable kitchen space and accommodations, clean and great equipment. The staff are all friendly, proactive and truly show they want to help us grow as a business. I couldn’t be happier!"


Camila Velez,

"We operate our baking business out of a private kitchen within the facility. Overall it has been such a positive experience. When issues do arise, the staff is responsive. Everyone has been very supportive. Even though we have our own kitchen, it still feels like a collaborative environment. We have also taken advantage of free events PREP® offers routinely. Really happy to be in this unique facility."

its all good

Jenny Goodwyn, It’s All Good Goods

"PREP® Atlanta has been a solid partner in Atlanta Personal Chef Service’s growth over the past two years. Their space is well maintained and run. JR does a great job to keep the kitchen running smoothly for everyone, they work hard to always get our special food orders in on time (even our special requests like live Maine lobsters on short notice), and they are always there to keep the kitchen equipment running in top shape. The team at PREP really cares about the growing food scene in Atlanta, and they go out of their way to support their members. Their catering kitchens allow us to efficiently prep for our events, without the hassle and upkeep of running our own private catering kitchen. This partnership is a no-brainer for my business, and I’m glad they are expanding so they can help more food-entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Atlanta."

atlanta personal chef

Amy Patrico, Atlanta Personal Chef

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