How it Works
How it Works


We Help Create Opportunities

for Food Entrepreneurs

Since 2014 we’ve been on a mission to support passionate food entrepreneurs as they bring their products and services to the world.  Whether you are new to the business or an old pro, our facilities, amenities and services will help you create something special. PREP® gives you the opportunity to build your business in a robust community of culinary professionals.  

Step by Step:


Schedule a PREP TOUR

Schedule a walk-through of the PREP® facilities. If PREP® is the right fit for you, we will send a proposal with pricing and amenities.

Set FOLLOW UP appointment

You will need to complete PREP® forms with your company information and register your business with the Secretary of State, acquire an EIN & Tax ID.

Sign your Membership Agreement

Bring a valid form of identification and a credit card or voided check to sign your Membership Agreement.

Provide a Certificate of Insurance

All PREP® Members must carry business liability insurance in the amount of $1 million/$2 million aggregate. 

Provide your food safety certification

After signing your Membership, you will have 3 months to complete a manager level food safety certification. This must be through an ANSI accredited program, such as ServSafe.

Receive your permitting inspection

A representative from the Permitting Authority will set up a time/date for your inspection at PREP®. You will receive your food service or manufacturing permit then.

Member Orientation

On the date of your inspection, we will provide a quick orientation on how to use the equipment at PREP®, the scheduling system and more.

Get Cooking!

Once you have received your permit from the FDA, Department of Agriculture or County Department of Environmental Health, you’re ready to get to work as a Food Entrepreneur!

The Answers You Need



PREP® commercial kitchens support all types of food businesses, from catering to food trucks to consumer packaged goods and more! Different business models will require specific food permits or licensing. Your city and state may also have specific requirements. PREP® will walk you through these steps to ensure your business operates legally. 

Are there certain requirements to be a PREP member?

All PREP® Members must complete a credit check, have a business registered with the Secretary of State, and have a manage level food safety certification through an ANSI accredited program such as ServSafe. In addition, all Members must have business liability insurance.

What comes with my membership?

All PREP® Members enjoy access to a variety of amenities and business development services, our Food and Supply Procurement program, networking opportunities, classes, seminars, and licensing assistance.

Which type of membership do I need?

PREP® offers private and shared kitchen options. Private kitchens require Members to provide their own commercial cooking equipment, prep tables, and storage shelving. Shared kitchens have all the equipment provided, and Members will provide their own small wares like pots and pans, sheet pans, mixing bowls, etc. A PREP® representative will guide you through the options best suited to your business needs.

How long does it take to join PREP®?

All Memberships are based on availability. Permitting and licensing vary from state to state. Talk to your local PREP® about the specific timelines for getting started in our kitchens.


All memberships are based on availability and vary from private to shared kitchen options. We ask for a minimum of one-year memberships for shared kitchens and two-year memberships for private kitchens. Talk to your local PREP® about the available options and current pricing. 

I own a food truck. What are the requirements for me?

Each city has a different requirement for mobile food operators. While some cities require food trucks to have a private kitchen, some only require a permit with a commercial kitchen. Your local health department will have a list of all requirements for food trucks.

What equipment is available in the shared kitchen?

All PREP® shared kitchens are equipped with various standard commercial kitchen equipment. This includes but is not limited to six burners, convection ovens, charbroilers, flattops, mixers, tilt skillets, steam kettles, blast chillers, and more. Shared kitchens all feature a dish room, dry storage areas, dedicated and shared coolers and freezers, and prep tables. 

Shared kitchen members use an online booking system to reserve stations and equipment in advance. Members bring their own pots, pans, and utensils.

Let's Talk About Your Business

Reach out to learn how you can join the hundreds of food and beverage producers that are accelerating their growth with PREP®.