Hi! I’m Widdi Turner, Chief Whoopie Officer for No Big Whoop! Bakery.

I’ve worn a lot of hats in my life.

From actor (most folks know me from the Food Network’s Good Eats with Alton Brown), to TV & radio commercial producer, to wildlife sanctuary educational assistant, to audiobook narrator and more, but for the past eight years, I’ve been making whoopie…pies!

What are whoopie pies?

Delectable little cake sandwiches that are perfect for special events or just an everyday treat.

This wonderful adventure began almost a decade ago when I was a member of a baton twirling troupe called Turnin’ TriXXX based out of the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta. We would have bake sales at a dive bar called the Euclid Ave Yacht Club (hey, someone had to pay for those wigs and costumes!).  On February 14, 2011, I sold my first whoopie pies at our Valentine bake sale, and I haven’t stopped baking them since.

​Oh, and the name? Well, first it came about because my whoopie pies are smaller than the traditional Amish ones. But No Big Whoop is more than a bakery – it’s an attitude.  Whenever life starts to get a bit overwhelming, I just tell myself, “It’s no big whoop!”  Trust me, it works!

My plan for NBW is to expand wholesale accounts with food service establishments, grow my online store, and service caterers by providing a unique dessert for their clients.  Vegan options coming soon!

For more info & To order: NoBigWhoopBakery.com