Co-Working kitchens range from other restaurants offering kitchen space at certain times and days to large commissary kitchens open to all kinds of food entrepreneurs. Co-Working Kitchens serve a variety of clients from small bakers to  national brands.

Shared Kitchens cater primarily to bakers, food truck operators, retail food startups, and caterers. Other Kitchens are designed specifically for delivery-only concepts.

How does a Shared Kitchen Work?

A co-working kitchen is a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen that you can be rent by the hour, day, week, or month.


  • PREP provides a complete kitchens space with NSF certified commercial equipment, featuring 10 kitchen stations, reservable private workspaces and lockable dry, refrigerated and freezer storage.
  • Stay flexible as you grow, with just a one-year minimum membership for easier expansion as your business grows.
  • Online scheduling allows for convenient and customizable production shifts. Bookings can be edited, deleted and extended on your smartphone or computer.
  • Members are billed only for time used at one of our shared kitchen stations. Enjoy unlimited access to our co-working spaces and conference rooms.
  • PREP’s kitchen is equipped with 220v outlets. These accommodate your specialty equipment.  A la carte storage is available for quick storage.
  • All PREP Members enjoy access to permitting assistance, procurement services, and business development support.
  • Grow your business more quickly with referrals for acquiring business capital, workshops and other educational resources.
  • Get information regarding packaging, labelling, nutritional information, barcoding and batch numbering
  • Provided social media and marketing assistance.

More information about Shared Kitchens

What permitting do I need to Produce in a Shared Kitchen?

What permitting do I need to Cater in a Shared Kitchen?

How do I work with others in a Co-Working Kitchen?

PREP is home to all kinds of food businesses from start-ups to large franchises

We are a commercial kitchen facility designed to accommodate food producers of any size, market niche or food style. Whether you are just starting out, or you are in the market as a large producer or franchise, PREP is here to make your life easier. We offer flexible membership terms and kitchen spaces varying in size, allowing us to meet your exact needs.

PREP is the country’s largest provider of dedicated commercial kitchens and shared co-working kitchen spaces.  As the largest integrated culinary platform, PREP provides a range of innovative products, solutions and services including both Shared Kitchen and Private Commercial Kitchen facilities, as well as a raft of membership privileges, all served up in a culture of culinary excellence.

PREP is fully permitted under the authority of the: Georgia Department of Agriculture, DeKalb County Department of Health, USDA and FDA.