PREP Partners  with Compost Now to bring socially conscious composting to you!

Right now, the food scraps that you throw away make their journey to the landfill where they’ll emit methane, a greenhouse gas 25x more potent than carbon dioxide. Think of all the resources required to bring that piece of food to your hands: all of the water, the energy to transport it, etc. just to get tossed in a landfill. Doesn’t it seem like a shame that we don’t use those scraps to their fullest potential? What if we told you that those scraps are filled with precious nutrients that can help rebuild our depleted soils and strengthen our local food system? That broccoli stalk you just tossed can be one of our greatest resources!

Composting gives food scraps and other compostables a second life as nutrient-rich compost!

By composting, you are avoiding harmful emissions that contribute to climate change. More than that, you are closing the loop on food waste by putting those nutrients back into our soils to grow more food. Healthy soil means healthy food! Without nutrients, our soil is dusty dirt and the food grown from it is absent of essential nutrients. You can close the loop and feed the farms where you may purchase your food.

By composting, you are making a value-driven decision to give back to the soil from which we take so much.

At CompostNow, we build easy, impactful composting programs that help you make a difference in the community by diverting your compostables from the landfill and sharing the compost created from your kitchen with local community gardens and urban farms. Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with Blair to find out how you can make an impact – one scrap at a time.
To compost(ing)!
Blair Lewis seedling
Commercial Growth Manager | CompostNow