A brand new kitchen for your Restaurant Central Commissary, Catering, Delivery,  Large Scale Food Production and more for any company that needs their own dedicated production kitchen.

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Restaurant Commissary Kitchens, Food Production Kitchens, Movie set catering, Medium scale food Manufacturing & Mobile Food Service.

Dedicated production space for National Enterprises as well as newer companies who already have a foothold in the market, but which could still benefit from having access to PREP’s member driven infrastructure .

PREP provides a complete rental kitchen space with NSF certified hoods and walk-in refrigeration. Prior to move-in, PREP takes every Member through the various permitting processes as well as regulation and compliance, packaging and labelling, nutritional information, barcoding and batch numbering to make your move in process painless as possible.

Sizes range from 500sf  to 15,000sf.

PREP assumes the expense on the following:

  • Grease trap pumping and maintenance
  • Hood Cleaning and maintenance
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Walk-in and reach in Cooler and Freezer maintenance
  • FOG permits
  • Fire system and extinguisher inspections and permitting
  • Facility pest control
  • Sanitation & recycling
  • Common area area utilities
  • Maintenance of roof, walls, structure, utilities runs to unit, parking areas, access control systems, common area lighting and landscaping