Have your business’s social media engagements took a nose dive?

Running a business requires many wearing many hats. We all know “being a good cook is not all that is required to becoming a great chef.” You often find yourself doing whatever is needed to keep your business afloat. One of the essential elements of growing a business is marketing. However, many food entrepreneurs are not taking full advantage of the possibilities of social media platforms and the limited possibilities for growth they provide. Here are our top five social media tips that will increase your engagement.

These days the most cost-effective way to market a product would most definitely be social media. Websites like Instagram and Facebook have become the epicenter for those inquiring about products and services. You can influence and attract potential customers and clients with the correct marketing techniques and consistent content without a huge marketing budget. Therefore, certain tricks and hacks will optimize your marketing efforts to ensure the best results and dramatically boost your social media engagement.

Social Media Tips

1. Interact with your social media audience

Interacting with your audience sounds easy enough. On the contrary, interacting with your social media audience is more than responding to direct messages. As a business owner, it’s essential first to identify your social media audience so that you can create content that will appeal to that specific audience.

Furthermore, show your social media followers and those who support your business know you care about their opinions and input. Start implementing polls and ask business-related questions directly to your social media audience to spark conversations.

What’s your favorite item on our Fall menu?
If interacting with your social media audience becomes more tedious, you know you are on the right track, indicating that your web presence is growing. Be sure to respond to both positive and negative comments. Even comments that don’t require a response should be acknowledged so the user feels they are appreciated.

2. Stay on top of social media trends.

Sometimes conforming to current trends is the easiest way to manipulate the algorithms in social media. With some trends, it may seem tricky to try and incorporate your business operations or products. Nevertheless, there are many ways to still use these trends in the videos and images you post for viewers.

Social media trends often involve video effects, sounds, songs, or actions taken in the video, such as dance or repeated motion. A typical social media trend that’s popular throughout the county now is in-car food reviews, and this trend is ideal for entrepreneurs in the food and Beverage industry. Another popular trend is voiceovers of famous movies and sitcoms over production videos and reels. Try one of these popular social media trends with your next video.

3. Use high-quality photos

We often underestimate the power of digital marketing. The fact is if it looks good, we want to buy it. The way products are presented on e-commerce markets and platforms directly influence the viewer. Whenever you present products in high-quality or staged environments, it is more appealing to viewers. Blurry, pixelated images are far less attractive than detailed, high-quality images.

PREP offers a “food photography crash course” for all members to schedule an appointment with our business development director for more info. Fill out the contact form to get started.

Don’t worry,  you don’t need a fancy expensive camera to create high-quality images. Luckily we live in a time where our cell phones are equipped with high-resolution cameras that are easily accessible and work just fine. See an example of this social media tip below the example of the product was shot on an iPhone 13 using only the preset portrait settings and harsh light.

4. Influencer Collaboration

A helping hand never hurts. Thousands of social media influencers with millions of followers view their content daily. Therefore, social media influencers have the power to make small business owners successful overnight. Social media influencers are eager for new content and rarely charge high prices to collaborate with businesses. Usually, social media influencers only require a free sample for video purposes, creating a win-win relationship for both parties.

Make sure you collaborate with the right social media influencer for your niche. There are various niches within the food industry. Determine which niche best fits your product and services and find an influencer with a following that will help grow your audience and potentially your revenue.

Check out this article ranking some of the top foodie influencers on Instagram.

5. Consistency is Key

One of the essential social media tips of all is consistency. New followers who are unfamiliar with your business. When viewing your social media accounts and it has been dormant, they often think one of two things, either you are no longer in business, or your service or product is not worthwhile. Whenever they visit any account and see consistent weekly posts, constant interactions, likes, and reviews, they continue to be interested in learning more about your business.

Anything is Content!

Although daily posts are not necessary to maintain social media presence, weekly posts are ideal. Posting 3-4 times is essential to growing and maintaining your social media presence on all social media platforms. A common saying among social media influencers is, “anything is content.” Although this may be true, be sure to monitor the quality of your content. You want your followers and supporters to understand and comprehend whatever message your post is projecting.

However, if time constraints or conflicts seem to be issues you face when trying to remain consistent on social media, try looking into special social media scheduling software and websites that can assist you. Websites such as Hootsuite have services tailored for entrepreneurs who are short on time trying to promote their businesses through social media. Here’s an article that shares insights and tips on ways to stay consistent even when you don’t have the time.