This Month’s Member Spotlight is a Food Truck that brings a twist to the original Indiana breaded pork loin sandwich and dishes them out all across the city of Atlanta. Owner Bradley Payne worked Corporate for nearly twenty years before he started “The Breaded Pig ” food truck. Payne grew up in Indiana, where this pork loin sandwich is a staple. Not able to find them available in Georgia, Payne took action and started his “The Breaded Pig” with his experience working in various restaurants in his youth and some “industry know-how” from his peers already operating food trucks; The Breaded pig took off! With simple menu items executed perfectly, this is a must-try for all to experience! Be sure to visit “The Breaded Pigs” website at to see where they will be next.

Firstly, How did you become a part of the restaurant/food industry, and what was your first job?
I worked in all kinds of restaurants in high school and college, and it seemed like the right move when I left corporate.

How long have you been in Georgia, and what first brought you here?
Eight years, friends and family, and of course, the weather.

How did you choose your name?
I figured it was the best way to showcase my main menu item.

How did you come up with the idea for your new business?
I had friends that owned food trucks, and I would help them out on weekends and enjoy the pace of the business.

What are the essential skills for a new food concept?
It’s making sure the flavors are there, and it has to be consistent every time.

Above all, What’s the most significant food business-related challenge that you had to struggle to overcome?
Having a new concept is getting your food out there.

What prompted you to start a food business?
I worked in corporate for almost 20 years and wanted a change.

What’s on your menu? Why did you choose this cuisine/product?
My main menu item is a fried pork chop sandwich in 6 different styles. As a kid growing up in Indiana, the sandwich was a staple; and I couldn’t find anything like it down here.

What’s the best part of owning your own company?
The best part is being my own boss.

What lessons have you learned since launching your own business?
Always ask questions from other truckers; it will save you money in the long run.

Is there anything you would have done differently at the start?
That I would have asked more questions of my peers.

How can someone buy your product?
Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see where we will be each week.

Finally, What would you do differently next time if you could relaunch your business?
Nothing; every lesson I have learned has gotten me where I am today.