Looking for a Food Truck Kitchen in Atlanta?


Mobile Food Service Operations in Atlanta

Just got a whole lot easier!

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PREP® 1, PREP® 2, PREP® 3
3300 Marjan Road
Atlanta, GA 30340

PREP® Lakeside
1927 Lakeside Parkway
Tucker, GA 30084

PREP® ATL South (under construction)
1990 Perkerson Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30310





Bring Your Food Truck Business to Life in Atlanta

Food trucks and other types of mobile food service are a great way to launch an agile food business in Atlanta. Reduced overhead makes it easier to get your name on the market and your food in people’s bellies.

At PREP® in Atlanta you will benefit from a community of like-minded people who are selling their specialty food in this very unique way.


  • Access to PREP® Procurement
  • Different sized dedicated bases of operation available ranging from 36 sq. ft. to 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Every operator receives their own Health Score
  • Each commissary is climate controlled
Kona Ice